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International Consultants & Investigations (ICI), Inc. Provides Technical Security Countermeasures, Sweeps, and Survey of residence, office, vehicles or any facility as needed.  The purpose of these surveys is to detect and locate illegal electronic eavesdropping devices possibly secreted on the premises.

The following is a list of equipment which my team brings to all Electronic Countermeasures Sweeps.


The spectrum Analyzer is used during the main portion of the survey to detect RF transmissions. We are able to inspect the radio spectrum from 2500 cycles (25 khz) to 3.5 billion cycles per second (3.5 ghz). This is accomplished in both broad and narrow frequency segments while introducing varying amounts of signal attenuation. We inspect the received signals visually on the Analyzer Scope while listening to the identified signal on the radio portion of the analyzer with a headset. AM, FM, Sub-carrier, Spread Spectrum and Video Signals are interrogated.

Carrier probes are used to inspect electrical power lines and other wires for “Carrier Current” low frequency transmitters which use power lines and other lines to carry voice and/or data out of the target area.

The NLJD is used in conjunction with the physical search. The NLJD is a highly sophisticated counter-measures device which transmits a high frequency energy beam into walls, ceilings, furniture, books, etc. This energy is sufficient to electronically “illuminate” any non-linear junction such as transistors, recorders, transmitters, microphones and amplifiers, even if they are not operating at the time. The NLJD is capable of accurately locating even a single, unpowered transistor or diode buried in a plaster wall.

The ETA-1 Universal Telephone Analyzer has been designed for testing both conventional telephones such as the Western Electric Dimension, Horizon and Northern Telcom SL-1 Systems. Tests such as On-Hook, Off-Hook Voltage, On-Line Listen, Tone Sweep, High Voltage Pulse Test, and All Wire Combination Listen Tests are all accomplished in minimum times.

The LDA is used on all unidentified wires to determine if carbon core or other types of microphones are present.

R.F. Probe “sniffs” your environment for hidden phone, room, or body bugs; also detects pulsed tracking transmitters and remote control, hopping and burst devices.

The VLF Probe tests for carrier current bugs which use your AC wiring as a transmission path.

The Infra-Red Probe detects offensive Infra-Red transmissions.

The Magnetic Leakage Probe locates carrier current devices, tape recorders and video cameras.

The Acoustic Leakage Probe detects and evaluates areas vulnerable to acoustic leakage.

The high sensitivity Auxiliary Input Amplifier allows you to listen to suspicious telephone or room wiring for the presence of buried microphones or modifications to equipment.

The Alarm Monitor function provides protection after your “sweep”—it instantly alerts you to the presence of a new device.

The 24-hour Evidence Recording output, when connected to any standard tape recorder, will store suspicious sounds from the Probe or Auxiliary Input.


Designed to detect Central Office taps.


This unit scans the spectrum of video frequencies, automatically locking onto any covert video frequency and then displays the image.


This unit is used to scan suspect areas and objects with Infra-Red LEDs and detects the coating on ANY camera lens.

10. Omni Spectral Correlator

Item#: DIS-1209
When protecting sensitive information is critical to your success, the OSCOR provides the most automatic, reliable and cost effective capability on the market. OSCOR is a complete eavesdropping detection package that is portable and programmable. OSCOR is a microprocessor controlled countersurveillance system with a custom designed built-in spectrum analyzer that can operate automatically storing all encountered signals in memory for later review. Designed to detect all major types of audio and video RF transmitters, including carrier current and infrared. OSCOR is the only product that protects your environment 24 hours a day.
Designed and developed exclusively for governmental use.

11. Item#: DIS-4000

ORION provides the capability to detect hidden electronic devices, regardless of whether the device is radiating, hard wired, or even turned on at all! ORION is the latest advancement in Non-linear Junction Detection and evaluation for Countersurveillance.

DIS-4000 Advantages
Minimum Set-up Time, no cables or bulky transceiver units to carry Light weight, balanced ergonomic design for ease of use. High Transmit power for rapidly searching a large area. Circularly Polarized Antenna reduces search time and improves reliability Dual Harmonic with Discrimination Algorithms Minimizes False Alarms. Standard type camcorder battery with long use time and quick charge function. Wireless Headphones and Graphic Display for simultaneous Audio & Visual Information.

DIS-4000 Advancements
2nd and 3rd harmonic operation includes advanced algorithms for minimizing false alarms as well as listening capability for each harmonic. Dynamic power control for locating threats; automatic or manual control (10 mwatt to 1 watt). Synthesized transceiver provides frequency stability and agility to automatically search for clean operating frequencies (Frequency range 902-928 MHz for US models and 850 MHz to 1,000 MHz for export models). Circular, polarized antenna removes risk of missing a threat due to incorrect antenna polarization.

 Sweep Team consists of a former Verizon Technician, and also former NYPD Law Enforcement that have been trained for the purpose of detecting transmitters, cameras and recorders of all types. Fifty years of experience and the very best in detection equipment are the reasons for our successful Sweeps. Please call with any questions.

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