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Background Checks

ICI executes comprehensive domestic and international background checks on companies and individuals.


  • Civil and Criminal backgrounds
  • International backgrounds
  • Credit history
  • Source of capital history of formation and development of the company
  • Business history and reputation
  • Professional and educational backgrounds
  • Political connections

Assessment :
An audit of the company’s assets and IT systems will indicate the company’s asset acquisition basis and potential cyber intrusions, whether there are third-party claims or potential for claims to arise, where actual asset values correspond to declared values, and the condition and use of the assets.

Solvency Assessment:
A study of the company’s solvency is important for relationships with partners and other business afiliations.
ICI summarizes the company’s actual revenues, the company’s clients and suppliers, and reveals any short-term or long-term debt which may not be reflected in the company’s financial reports.
ICI will evaluate the company’s ability to generate sufficient cash flow to cover its financial requirements.