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Crisis Management Anti-Terrorist Programs for Companies

Terrorist attacks worldwide have been and will be a way of life for years to come, the most recent attacks in New York City and Washington D.C. have changed our lives. The public now realizes that we live in a time of uncertainty. Fear and the loss of our personal sense of security and control can have a severe affect on our personal and business lives.

It is very common, in fact normal for people to experience a wide range of emotional or physical reactions. -NORMAL REACTIONS TO AN ABNORMAL SITUATION-.

Disasters create tremendous prolonged stress, stress that can remain for months and even years. Along with ICI there are many private and government agencies out there to help.

To be prepared for the future possibility of a catastrophic event is part of the healing process and ICI feels it is the most important one. Employers need to accept this responsibility, to see that their employees receive ongoing stress counseling through group events, or if needed, one on one counseling.

Training for an emergency response is the main key to a successful program in dealing with stress. Planning and training instill confidence knowing that everyone is on the same team and is supported by the management.

Companies large and small are responsible for seeing that their employees receive the best training and be informed. It provides peace of mind knowing that highly trained co-workers are among us as we proceed through our daily activities. Every employee should know what is going on in their work environment, be prepared to follow emergency instructions, respond to situations they are trained for and know that the company has made contingency plans for themselves and their families.

No longer is it enough to have your security force operating without proper security training; they must be knowledgeable in prevention, emergency service, first aid with AED training, detection, and evacuation. It is important that employees have full knowledge of your security capabilities, support and emergency response.

Knowledge, training, and prevention will provide you with stable employees that are once again productive and happy in their work environment. Train your people and train with them; ICI experts are available to deal with support, prevention and emergency response.

ICI training in the following areas:

1. Special response corporation team training.
2. Advance project site and asset survey.
3. Plant facility protection.
4. Emergency and crisis management.
5. Threat assessment.
6. Intelligence gathering.
7. Survival skills.
8. Bomb threat, search and evacuation procedures.
9. Anti-terrorism planning.
10. First aid, CPR, AED training.
11. Riot control/strikes.
12. Unarmed defensive tactics.
13. Legal issues in use of force.
14. Terrorist group profiles.

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