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Enhanced Incident Management Unified Command Course DHS MGT-314

The quality of training ICI Investigators receive. You and your agency can receive the same; just apply or contact International Consultants & Investigations for further information. (See brochure)

The Emergency Operations Training Center (EOTC), located in College Station, Texas, is a state-of-the-art emergency management and incident command training facility operated by the National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center, a division of the Texas Engineering Extension Service. Since 2003, the EOTC has provided some of the best large-scale incident management training available anywhere. Combining quality-training methodologies, adult learning processes, emergency management experience and computer-supported simulation, the EOTC offers one of the most realistic, scenario-driven incident management environments in the country. (See Course planning)

The EOTC’s goal is to provide participants— including government agencies, corporate industrial teams, and jurisdictions from across the nation—the skills they need to respond to, manage and recover from large-scale incidents. The EOTC provides a wide spectrum of possible operations, ranging from the incident command post perspective to the emergency operations center and multi-agency coordination viewpoint at the regional or state level. This process-focused training environment allows participants the opportunity to hone their incident management and decision-making skills through a computer simulation system that provides a realistic scenario customized to the participants’ level of training.

The overall incident management structure used in the EOTC replicates the Incident Command System and follows the National Incident Management System (NIMS) as required in the National Response Framework (NRF). The facility adapts exist-in incident management systems and procedures to the unique requirements of responding to large-scale incidents at all levels.

ICI can assist in facilitating the TEEX training protocols. If your company wish to have the training conducted in your own country ICI can arrange for the training under the guidelines of TEEX.

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