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Fingerprinting Program

ICI’s Fingerprinting Program provides all-inclusive services to organizations that choose to or are required to comply with background checks. We maintain the necessary documentation and fingerprint cards for the appropriate regulatory agency. The ICI fingerprinting program is beneficial to organizations that need to meet technical and time-sensitive procedures.

Protecting the public:

Now you can fight theft and fraud in your assessment process by integrating fingerprinting into your credentialing process, you can both check your applicants’ background and verify their identities.

Fingerprinting and DNA Identification. Everyone should consider having a personal record on file which can aid police and law enforcement officials to identify and locate family members or employees. This extra peace of mind and safety provided by fingerprint records and DNA banking is worth immensely more than the minor cost. In light of recent kidnappings worldwide involving employees, children, family members and corporate executives, this precaution is invaluable for negotiations and recovery.

DNA Cell Storage for Future Identification. (Always on a volunteer basis)

Why consider storing your DNA?

Buccal mucosa cell smears from inside the mouth are sent to a laboratory where these cells are disrupted to produce DNA. (A very simple cotton swab procedure)

Your DNA is stored for future analysis in a laboratory bank that specializes in cell preservation.

ICI is competitively priced, our services are provided either at our facility or your location of business.

Clients are required to show at least one form of valid photo identification to our agents before being fingerprinted.

Fee Schedule:
ICI provides the following rates:
Fingerprinting: $30 per card (2 card minimum)

DNA Banking:
Per test: $150
Annual Service Fee: $25