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Investigative work:
  • Financial Consultation and Investigations
  • Sale, trading, accounting, valuation and transaction processing of complex financial instruments
  • Fraud involving financial guarantee instruments
  • Financial fraud and insolvency
  • Corporate and employee investigation
  • International feasibility studies and intelligence
  • Executive security armed/unarmed, VIP Protection and VIP Protection Teams armed/unarmed, Martial Arts Blackbelt, celebrity protection armed/unarmed
  • VIP Protection Teams armed/unarmed
  • Expert witness testimony
  • International Certified Public Accounting review
  • Asset tracing and recovery
  • Litigation support
  • Insurance fraud
  • Security for marine and air travel, private and commercial
  • Accident Investigation: vehicle,maritime, personal injuries
  • Maritime investigations – 3D animation re-enactments of accidents and crime scenes
  • Maritime Surveyors – Appraisers of the
    SS-United States
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Currently ICI provides the service of Security, Chaperone, and Emergency Response for clients, students, and employee’s of Travel Tour Companies, and Corporations within the United States and City’s Worldwide
Special Services:

ICI operatives are trained and licensed in the following areas:

  • Private Investigation
  • Legal Consulting
  • Certified public accounting
  • U.S. Coast Guard license for private and commercial vessels.
  • Armed and unarmed security

ICI offers highly specialized training programs tactics to provide Pro-Active, Security Assessment and Protective Security for Government Agencies, Corporations, World Wide. Including Security and Surveilance Sweeps.