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Security Assessment and Training Services

International Consultants & Investigations (ICI) announces their highly specialized training programs, tactics to provide Training, Security Assessment and Protective Security for Government Agencies, Corporations, World-Wide. These services are provided in the following protocols: Enhanced Incident Management, Major Emergency Disaster Planning, and Law Enforcement.

ICI programs are highly acclaimed worldwide and compliment your mantra of providing “Pro-active, Preventive and Protective security measures” These programs can be taught internationally or at uniquely configured locations in the U.S. (see TEEX profile Below).
The courses are designed to address elementary subjects for new staff, to advanced tactical training designed to maintain senior staff with current security scenarios and potential global threats.
Disaster management is a key element which encompasses a wide variety of specialized topics related to disaster management, bio-chemical hazards, and nuclear threats.
Courses are arranged in three phases to address critical topics in today’s challenging world.


Awareness Level Courses
Critical Infrastructure Key Resource Awareness
Management and Planning Level Courses
Threat & Risk Assessment
Senior Officials Workshop for All-Hazards Preparedness
Incident Management/Unified Command for CBRNE and Terrorism Incidents
Enhanced Threat and Risk Assessment
Disaster Management for Public Services
Public Information in a WMD/Terrorism Incident
Bioterrorism: Mass Prophylaxis Preparedness & Planning
Crisis Leadership and Decision-Making for Elected Officials
Disaster Preparedness for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations
Senior Officials – Disaster Management for Water and Wastewater
Disaster Management for Water and Wastewater Utilities
Advanced Incident Management / Unified Command
Disaster Management for Electric Power Systems
Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Operations and Planning for All Hazards
Incident Command Systems Forms Review
Enhanced All Hazards Incident Management Unified Command Course


Weapons Training and Handling
Advanced Concealed Carry Tactics
Intuitive Defensive Handgun
Advanced Intuitive Defensive Handgun
TAC Handgun Instructor Development
High Performance Handgun
Basic Carbine Skills
Close Quarters Carbine Skills
Tactical Carbine Patrol Rifle Instructor Development
Patrol Rifle Operator Program
Basic Shotgun Skills
Rapid engagement shotgun Skills
TAC Shotgun Instructor Development
Concealed Carry Tactics
Diminished Light and Laser Tactics
Multi-platform less lethal chemical munitions Instructor


Trainings on IEDS and Explosives
Training on Biological, Chemical, Radiological and Nuclear Treats
Training on Disaster Management
Training on prevailing security scenarios and the latest intelligence inputs pertaining to the formation, collaboration, merger, or renaming of the terrorist outfits and their latest procurements.

ICI Profile:
Earl R. Johnson, PhD, President:
International Consultants & Investigations (ICI) is a worldwide agency specializing in International and Domestic Investigative services as well as Security, Training, and Incident Management and Control. All ICI Agents and Investigators have received the most current training and certifications from the Emergency Management Institute which is under FEMA. Enhanced Incident Management Unified Command Training from Texas A&M in cooperation with DHS. ICI provides Global Watch activities with Interpol, FBI, and international blacklist. ICI maintains an international presence with associate offices in major Cities worldwide

International Activities Conducted:
ICI has provided assistance in counter Terrorism, Enhanced Emergency Management protocols for Japanese Government Agencies and their assigned contractors, coordinated meetings with Homeland Security in Washington D.C., Amtrak Security, Washington D.C. Fire Department, and other Government Agencies in New York City. Currently under a three year contract with Japanese contractors, mandated to respond and assist Japanese businessmen and students that are under threat or in any form of difficulty while conducting business or traveling within the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America.
For 2009 ICI has secured an assignment to facilitate interviews and provide material on biological, radiological and counter-terrorism for the Fire and Disaster Management Agency (FDMA) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan. The meetings and research will assist in the creation of training manuals, development of exercise scenarios, model plans, and protocols for civilian population protection in the event of B/R terrorism.
This includes referencing the necessity for the Japanese government to collect and analyze information from around the globe to create and implement practical and effective countermeasures against B/R Terrorism. ICI will organize meetings on behalf of Japan’s (FDMA) with the United States Department of Homeland Security, Washington, D.C. Fire Departments Homeland Security Division, MTA, and the Amtrak rail system. With ICI’s assistance and direction the Ministry (FDMA) will be able to avail itself of the experience and expertise of these recognized agencies during their trip to Washington D. C..

Meritime Security and Services:
PortGard a division of ICI provides training, security and investigations for Maritime scenarios for vessels and ports. In addition to client-specific security requests, PortGard provides:
Vessel, Port and Offshore Platform Security Details
Executive Protection Services
ISPS/MTSA Codes and SOLAS Compliance Assessment
Vessel Location & Tracking Information
Maritime Personnel Investigations
Waterborne Security-Barrier Maintenance
Worldwide Drug, Alcohol, and DNA Testing
24/7 – 365 Global Response Security TeamPage 4

ICI/Affiliate Profile:
Welcome to Disaster City®, a place where tragedy and training meet – a place where anything is possible.
Located in College Station, Texas, this 52-acre training facility is situated adjacent to the world-renowned Brayton Fire Training Field and delivers the full array of skills and techniques needed by today’s emergency response professionals.
Created by the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), a member of the Texas A&M System, the mock community features full-scale, collapsible structures designed to simulate various levels of disaster and wreckage which can be customized for the specific training needs of any group.
Emergency responders from across the globe venture to Disaster City® for unparalleled search and rescue training and exercises. Simply put, Disaster City® is the most comprehensive emergency response training facility available today.

ICI/Specialty Profile:
Wes Doss, President ICI International Security:
A career in law enforcement, military and security professional with a 30-year record of success in planning and implementing strategically integrated security & training programs, tactical operations, counter-terrorism, intelligence and executive protection programs. Wes’s unique combination of administrative and operational experience managing high profile national / international events for corporations, governments and elite organizations. Wes assisted in the development and implementation of cutting edge counter-terrorism and protective security programs throughout the world. In addition to a distinguished and decorated 20+ year military and law enforcement career, he planned and directed the security and protection requirements for visiting dignitaries, corporate executives, and internationally renowned VIP’s. He also managed intelligence gathering and protection operations for visiting dignitaries and corporate executives in high-threat regions of the USA, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Wes obtained a Master’s degree in Administration with an emphasis in law enforcement from Louisiana State University and a Doctoral degree in Psychology with an emphasis on performance psychology, and has since amassed multiple “train the trainer” and instructor certifications from around the world.
Since 1992, Mr. Doss has served the training, protection and operational needs of government organizations worldwide, all branches of the Military, and the Private sector. Incorporating the latest training methodologies and results of lessons learned from active, high threat combat theater deployments as well as other criminal and terrorist sector actions.
We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities and assist clients with choosing appropriate products, training and learning programs.

Recent International Training:
Mr. Doss was asked to provide very specialized training and operational resources in Christ Church & Bridge Town Barbados for the Barbadian Defense Forces and Royal Barbados Police. In fact, ICI/Khyber is the only outside training group authorized to conduct training on the exclusive Paragon Military Base of Barbados. Mr. Doss implemented a series of defensive tactical handgun and shotgun programs, as well as specialized tactics course. ICI/Khyber continues to visit this region to offer more training that pertains to the specialized needs of the unique environment. Additionally, ICI/Khyber established the first maritime security and tactics programs for the West Indies and based them out of Barbados.
Mr. Doss conducted unique training in Ruda Slaska and Krakow Poland for the GROM counter-terrorism unit and Polish National Police. ICI/Khyber implemented a specialized program based around close quarters battle (CQB) techniques and a breakdown of simulation training for instructors. Additionally, Mr. Doss also provided specialized hands on training in linear assault (aircraft and trains) and hostage rescue tactics. Training has also been conducted in Dusseldorf and Munich Germany for units of the German Polizei several times over the last few years. Programs have implemented based around the training that is needed for agencies worldwide and specific to the unique mission and environment of the Polizei, particularly the high population bases of Dusseldorf and Munich and the unique problems faced in those areas. The Polizei sought training from Khyber on handgun, shotgun and motor vehicle tactics.
The USVI Police department of both St. Croix and St. Thomas, as well as portions of Federal Agencies assigned Puerto Rico/USVI HIDTA have been regular clients since having had a Federal Consent Decree levied on them.

ICI, as a lead organization has taken the best of multiple disciplines to compile this training curriculum which strategically addresses today’s security needs.

For more information please contact Earl Johnson at:

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