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Executive Vice President of Cyber Security Services

Troy Wilkinson began his career serving others as a Law Enforcement officer. He commanded a Joint Terrorism Task Force, was a lead bomb investigator, and violent crime and homicide detective however his greatest achievement in the field of law enforcement came from his ability and skill investigating and prosecuting child pornography and other electronic crimes.

Wilkinson was recruited by the U.S. State Department to train police officers in Kosovo on cyber investigations. Working under the George W Bush and Obama presidencies, he was a top U.S. cyber investigator seconded to the United Nations and European Union to lead investigations into political corruption, organized crime, war crimes, financial crimes and terrorism. Together with a team of international investigators, Wilkinson built the first IT forensics lab in the European Union Mission in Kosovo.

After returning home to the U.S, Wilkinson joined ICI International Security, Inc. as the Executive Vice President, Cyber Security Division, with a mission to work with global organizations to stop the spread of cyber crime and lead investigations into the most complex digital cases. ICI International Security, Inc leverages the most advanced technology and world class expertise to assess, monitor, detect and prevent today’s advanced persistent threats.

Wilkinson is an international speaker on cyber security focusing on the topics of emerging cyber threats & trends, ransomware, DDoS, and cyber security careers.

Email: Twilkinson@icicompanies.com