Why Choose International Consultants & Investigations?

ICI has been providing consulting and investigative services worldwide for over 25 years. From corporate due diligence to cybersecurity consulting services to financial fraud investigations, International Consultants & Investigations has experts to help meet your organization's needs.
ICI staff are trained investigators, advisors and guardians. We will protect your company and its employees throughout the world. ICI maintains an international network of operatives to assist in investigations, recovery, security, bank activities, confidential guidance and assistance in dealing with arbitrage transactions. In addition to investigative and cybersecurity services, we offer VIP executive protection.

ICI’S Global Watch Verification Program

Investigations, Inc. (ICI) makes use of many applications in order to develop a full picture of the subject’s history.  In some cases, these inquiries are duplicative in that ICI strives to ensure that every avenue has been addressed and no relevant information regarding a subject is missed.  To that end, in addition to the proprietary law enforcement resources that are searched, ICI accesses Federal as well as international resources to complete the evaluation of a subject.

These resources include the following:

  • Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Interpol (International law enforcement agency)
  • MI5 (British equivalent of the FBI)
  • Security and Exchange Commission
  • United States Department of State

Using these resources to research a subject discloses any domestic or international watchlists that subject may be on as well as the reason for that subject’s inclusion on a watchlist; this will also disclose any criminal records or wants/warrants that might be associated with a subject.

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    ICI has been a long-time certified member of the Council of International Investigators, the World Association of Professional Investigators, and holds licenses in Florida, New York and Nevada.