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About Us

ICI maintains a presence in Africa, which includes Nigeria, enhancing our efforts to combat international financial fraud. ICI will provide financial vetting prior to your company entering into business transactions worldwide. Often, so called financial opportunities will emanate within a busy market such as the United States, Switzerland, or the United Kingdom. Often after many months of negotiations which could include fees the transaction ends abruptly. Most often it is a 419 Scam out of Nigeria, or some other African market.

International financial transactions are professionally presented, you can easily be manipulated without realizing the danger you may be facing. Billions of dollars are lost each year to international financial fraud, FBI reports indicate that over 20,000 companies and or individuals lose money to 419 Nigerian style scams.

There are excellent financial opportunities available in the international markets, but before you proceed!!! ICI will provide due-diligence on your behalf, and understand there are generally mutable brokers involved. You must get through that daisy chain of brokers before you enter into an agreement. (Only deal with the principals.) Can we recovery lost funds from prior transactions, yes, but it is costly and favorable results are never granted. You must understand offshore banks within tax havens are often not banks, but use the term BANK under a company held within the tax haven.