ICI is now offering credit checks

International Consultants and Investigations, Inc. (ICI) is now offering credit checks for pre-employment and rentals for a fee of $50.00.  As an added bonus, ICI will also provide our Global Watch program.  The Global Watch program is inclusive of US Government and financial enforcement checks as well as an international criminal background evaluation.  Complete background checks are available; fees are dependent upon the depth of check required.

Note that an authorization signed by the subject is required for all credit checks within the US. ICI can provide this form upon your request.

For information, contact ICI at: [email protected]

Visit us at : www.icicompanies.com


Team ICI-APC-Medina Tactical Dynamics

Team ICI-APC-Medina Tactical Dynamics
Awareness Protective Consultants Background:

Awareness Protective Consultants is a full service training and consulting firm whose team of consultants and trainers has a combined total of over 100 years’ experience.  This experience is in the fields of military, law enforcement as well as specialists in training concepts, legal aspects of police situations, policy  and operational planning.  Over the past 18 years ICI-APC-Medina Tactical Dynamics have provided the most cutting-edge innovative training and educational programs globally. These programs target the science behind “human behavior” during stress as well providing a complete dynamic science behind many tactical and legal applications.

Our Mission:
Our mission at Awareness Protective Consultants is to provide global, comprehensive, cutting-edge training and consulting. We will never compromise our standards.  We believe in maintaining the highest quality standards in research and development of the most advanced training philosophies in the world.

Training Group Credibility from Training Academies to Multiple Law Enforcement, and military:

Our team of trainers and consultants come to us from law enforcement, military, EMS and industry. Our instructors are subject matter experts in Use of Force, Advance Police Tactics, Tactical Leadership, Tactical Communications and Critical Incident Response Planning. Our training programs have given officers and operators from all over the world the ability to advance and enhance their training programs and “real time” day to day operations with 100% confidence.

List of Courses (Customized Programs Also Available):

Active Shooter-Mass Casualty Response Instructor
Advanced Firearms Instructor Development Program
Advanced SWAT Concepts
Assault Rifle-Police Service Rifle Instructor
Assault Rifle-Sub Machine Gun Operators Course
Ballistic Shield Instructor Course
Basic SWAT High Impact Fundamentals
Basic Urban Sniper Program
Critical Incident Management for Tactical Leaders
Critical Incident Management for Front Line Operations
De-Escalation Training: Law Enforcement Art of Communications
Force of Gravity Use of Force Defensive Tactics Instructor
Firearms Instructor Course (In-Service Only)
First Responder Crisis Negotiation Training
High Risk Warrant Service and Operations
Integrated Response of First Responder to Active Shooter Events
Master Pistol for Patrol
Medical Care Under Fire
O.C. Pepper Spray Instructor
Room Entry Instructor
Scenario-Shoot House-Force Option Instructor
Search Warrants: Investigation, Applications and Execution
Sub-Machine Gun Instructor
Telecommunications Operator Role in Active Shooter Events
Telecommunications Operator Critical Incident Workshop
Winning Strategies and Approaches to Patrol Tactics:

Custom Session Training and Consulting Services Examples:

  • Pursuant to Agency requests: Advanced tactical and educational training for all officers, SWAT teams, corrections officers, dispatchers, etc.
  • Expert Witness Services and Litigation Consultingfor civil and criminal case work at a local, county, state or federal level. Here at Team ICI/APC-Medina Tactical Dynamics, we pride ourselves on being a full-service expert witness and litigation consultant delivery firm. We understand the unique blend of skills, experience and personality needed in an expert witness to communicate with judges and juries. While credentials and experience validate the opinion of an expert witness, the ability to communicate that opinion is just as important
  • Customized Training Programs for Agencies: Our group can customize our training programs to assist in meeting your agency staffing requirements and work schedules
  • Operational Planning for Critical Incidents: Our consultant group can provide an enhanced operations plan for critical incidents in large scales such as Active Shooter-Mass Casualty incidents as updating SOP applications
  • Agency Audit and Consulting Assistance: We are available to assist in the establishment of your team, agency personnel training and required case law sensitive programs


TEGO CYBER SECURITY – ICI’s exciting new client

ICI’s exciting new client, Tego Cyber has requested the we enlighten our associates and clients to this powerful new cyber security solution. As a rule, we do not disclose client names but, in this case, we feel compelled to release this information.

TEGO Cyber’s mission is to deliver an intelligent, state-of-the-art threat intelligence platform with a proprietary process of collecting and enriching threat data to help enterprises identify threats within their environments.

TEGO Cyber threat intelligence application helps enterprises meet the challenges of today’s connected business world. This is an advanced threat intelligence platform utilizing proprietary software solutions for the enterprise space; the founding team is highly experienced and recognized within the cyber security field. The TEGO threat intelligence [platform (TTIP) integrates with top end security platforms to gather, analyze and proactively identify threats to an enterprise network. As a result:

A proprietary process is used to compile, analyze and then deliver data to an enterprise network in a foprmat that is timely, informative and relevant. This data is provided in context and included specific details for the enterprise to identify and counteract threats.


Stay tuned for more on Tego Cyber!